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This branch keeps the record of accused persons arrested/convicted mainly in property offences. Photographs of the accused persons are also taken and kept in this branch. The record is classified and maintained offencewise and as per modus operandi used in the commission of offence. Since recent past, accused persons involved in violence/ gangsters are also taken on record.

Photo albums of the accused persons are maintained M.O wise. Whenever, a victim or a witness in a property offence cases is brought to this branch, the photograph of the criminals having specific M.O are shown to them. If any photograph of the accused on record is identified by them, the copy of the same with other details are sent to concerned Police Station which helps the investigating officer to trace the accused and detect the case.

Members of Public who have seen the accused persons may approach this bureau. In case of the culprit is not on record the sketch of accused is also prepared by description ever by the witness.

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