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  • No lights other than those permitted in the Motor Vehicles Rules can be fitted on the vehicle. This includes spotlights, searchlights, mercury lamps, moving lights and fancy lights. Dome lights are also not permitted unless specifically authorised.
  • No red light can be fitted anywhere such that visible from the front.
  • Only red lights and white reverse lights are allowed as visible from behind. During the night, the license plate of a car must be illuminated by a light. All vehicles must have Hazard lights or Parking lights.
  • All vehicles must have rear-view mirrors. These must be fitted externally in transport vehicles.
  • The use of cellular phones is prohibited while driving.
  • No TV/Video display is allowed in a vehicle where it may be a disturbance to the driver.
  • No multiton horns can be fitted onto a vehicle. Also, Horns producing musical notes, unduly harsh, shrill or alarming noises are also prohibited.
  • The glasses of the front and rear windscreen should be such that the visual transmission of light is not less than 70% and in case of side windows, it should not be less than 50%. The thumb rule is that they permit clear vision from inside to outside, and outside to inside.

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