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Ring up City Police Control Room ( No.100 ) and explain your problem clearly and seek advice.  

2. Approach the nearest Police Station and register your complaint.

In case of a cognizable crime, you are entitled to a copy of the FIRST INFORMATION REPORT and PANCHANAMA.

In case of a non-cognizable case
, you will be provided an authenticated slip containing your NC Registration number.  

3. If you encounter any difficulty or resistance at the Police Station level, please contact the Senior Police Inspector of the Police Station or Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Division or Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Zone or Additional Commissioner of Police of the Region. The telephone numbers of the above officials are displayed prominently at each Police Station.  

4. Offences are classified into two categories viz. cognizable and non-cognizable. In case of cognizable offences, police are required to register the same in the First Information Register (F. I. R.) and investigate the offence. Police can also arrest without warrant. In non-cognizable offences, police have no authority to either investigate the matter or arrest without the prior permission of the Magistrate. The non-cognizable offences include petty offences such as committing public nuisance, abusing, slapping, quarrels in the family or with neighbours, etc. 

5. Cognizable crimes are of two kinds : Bailable and Non-bailable. In bailable offences, the accused is normally entitled to bail at the Police Station level, provided sureties and/or the bail amount/document are produced on demand.In a non-bailable offence, normally it is only the court which is empowered to grant bail to the accused. Any arrested person shall be produced by the Police before the nearest Magistrate within 24 hours of the arrest. The complainant/accused person is entitled to avail legal advice during the process mentioned above.  

For the poor, free legal aid is available during the prosecution stage.

Each person is entitled to get information about the reasons of his arrest/search of his premises/seizure of properties. This information is rightfully obtainable from the Investigating/Arresting Police Officer.  

 In Traffic offences, the offender has to pay penalty as per the prescribed schedule that is available obligatorily with the prosecuting Traffic Officer. There are also several rights that the individual possesses herein, for more information go to the traffic section.

In case of an accident, the victim or his relatives have several rights, these are highlighted under a subsection for accidents.

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